Sausages & Burgers

This mild lamb sausage is made by La Maison du Gibier and are sold at Saslove's Byward Market location.

Brought in from La Maison du Gibier, these sausage are a combination of ground duck and ground pork. Accompanying the ground meats is foie gras and maple syrup.

Available at the Saslove's Byward Market location, these sausages are made of ground guinea hen, as well as ground pork, and flavoured with asparagus and old cheddar.

These sausages are brought in from La Maison du Gibier. They are a combination of wild boar and ground pork. The meat is seasoned with mushroom, onion, and various spices.

Saslove's Byward Market location brings these sausages in from La Maison du Gibier. The sundried tomato and apple combination is sweeter than some of our other game sausages. 

A spicy pork sausage seasoned with a pre-blended spice mix. This sausage contains gluten. 

Our lamb merguez are made entirely of lamb, and seasoned using a pre-blended merguez spice mixture. 

These sausages contain gluten. 

We season ground pork with white pepper, mace, salt, ginger, sage, nutmeg, dry bread crumbs, along with chicken stock.

Our mild italian sausage are made with ground pork. The pork is seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, fennel, as well as parsley. 

The most popular of our spicy sausages. Chorisos are known for their vibrant red colour and smoked paprika flavour.

A mild pork sausage that is seasoned with white pepper, salt, and a touch of ground nutmeg. 

Made in-store at Saslove's Byward Market Location, this turkey sausage is an excellent choice for those seeking a leaner, and healthier sausage. 

Available at Saslove's Byward Market Location, this sausage is our largest seller, and made in-store.

Saslove's homemade beef burgers are available at both locations. These burgers are made of freshly ground beef, fresh parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, as well as our secret sauce.