Other Poultry

While most individuals are familiar with the tender meat of chickens, one should not be intimidated by the tougher meat that comes from stewing hens.

The quail raclette is a La Maison du Gibier product. It can be found at Saslove's Byward Market location. 

Jumbo quails are available frozen in packages of twelve.

The meat of guinea hen is a bit darker, as well as leaner, than the meat of chicken.

Squab is the term used for young, domestic, and unfledged pigeon. Squab are only available frozen. 

These small birds have a subtle flavour, and can be cooked quickly, using a variety of methods. 

Cornish hens are offered fresh at Saslove's Meat Market. These hens share many characteristics with chicken, and thus, can be prepared using similar methods.