For those seeking an alternative to beef at their next fondue night, this duck raclette is precut, making it an excellent choice.

La Maison du Gibier's duck leg confit is prepared using traditional French methods. There are two confit legs per box. This product is available at Saslove's Byward Market location. 

Muscovy/Barbary ducks are either available frozen, or, by special order. Come in, or call ahead, and the Saslove's staff will be happy to help you get this product. 

As their title suggests, these legs come from Mulard ducks. They are great for roasting or, preparing homemade confit. 

Magret de Canard is retrieved from the ducks used to produce Foie Gras.

The taste of duck confit that you have come to love, but in a larger portion. This half duck confit is comprised of the wing, breast, and leg.  

Saslove's carries Brome Lake's duck stock. The stock is available in 300 ml containers. 

The duck fondue is produced by La Maison du Gibier. It is available frozen at Saslove's Byward Market location.

This duck fat is prepared and sold at Saslove's Wellington Street location. 

A duck leg confit made by Plaisirs Gastronomiques. This brand of confit is prepared in the traditional French style, using only duck legs, salt, and various spices.

Similar to the other duck confit products available at Saslove's, this confit is prepared using the traditional French method.

This product is made in France, and amongst the Saslove's customers, is considered themost authentic confit product. These confit legs are packaged and sold as pairs. 

Brome Lake's version of duck leg confit is pacakaged in pairs. This product is available at Saslove's Byward Market location. 


Saslove's Wellington Street location are known for their delicious homemade products. Their duck confit is no exception.

The third, and final, option for duck fat at Saslove's. This product is made by Brome Lake, and is available in 300ml containers. 

One of several options for duck fat. This version is produced by La Maison du Gibier. Saslove's currently stock a 200ml container, as well as a two liter pail, of this product. 

Brome Lake's Young Duck is both rich and flavourful, making it everything you'd expect from a duck. The whole duck is also cheaper than some of our other duck products.

The thigh and leg combination provides our customers with dark and flavourful duck meat. 

Available at Saslove's Byward Market location, the Brome Lake breasts come from young ducks, and are not as rich other in-stock duck breasts.