Saslove's offers veal racks, with each rack consisting of seven to eight ribs. These racks are available at both locations and, can be chimed and Frenched upon request. 

Typically Saslove's does not stock veal brains, however, we can order brains from our suppliers upon a customer's request. 

The Saslove's staff offers veal bones frozen in bags that weigh about one kilogram. Ask the staff to grab you a package from the deep freeze. 

Our ground veal is generally ground from veal shoulder and, is prepackaged in one pound bags. 

Veal cheeks are typically packaged as pairs and, are available at Saslove's Byward Market location.

Our veal stock is made in-store and available in 500ml containers. We boil veal bones with pepper, thyme, granulated garlic, and a variety of vegetables.

Saslove's stocks only bonelss veal shoulder. We often carry prepared roasts. Or, alternatively, we can cut veal shoulder to fit your exact needs. 

The veal stew at Saslove's is cut from outside round. Purchase these cubes for your favourite winter stews. 

Saslove's offers veal tenderloins in two forms, as butt tenders or, as tenderloins. In either instance, both cuts are lean, tender, tasty, and ideal for roasting. 

Sweetbreads are cut from the veal thymus or pancreas. The sweetbreads that Saslove's offers are of the thymus variety. 

Veal liver is rich with nutrients, such as iron. Veal liver is available sliced and packaged in sets of two at the Saslove's Byward Market location. 

Like other organ meats, veal kidney is nutritious, and often noted as an excellent source of B vitamins. 

You need not be intimidated by the thought of eating tongue. Veal tongue is absolutely amazing when cooked properly.

Also commonly known as veal cutlets. Veal scallopini are thinly sliced pieces of veal which, have been flattened through the process so pounding out the meat.

Veal osso bucco are available at Saslove's Byward Market location. This cut of veal is grain-fed. Osso bucco is best when braised, and then, slow cooked.  

Milk fed like most of Saslove's other veal products,these tender loin chops are always delicious, and sure to impress any dinner guest.