This thinly sliced lamb is made by La Maison du Gibier and, is available frozen at Saslove's Byward Market location. 

If you love lamb merguez sausage, you will surely adore these lamb merguez burgers. This product is sold frozen at Saslove's Byward Market location. 

These chops are cut from the shoulder, which, makes them a bit tougher than lamb loin chops. However, after marinating, these chops are perfect for the grill. 

The semi-boneless lamb leg is an entire lamb leg. The bone from the top half of the leg has been removed, while the bone of the shank end has been left in.

This version of lamb leg is bone-in. Our customers are welcome to purchase the entire leg, or, half of the leg. 

Lamb racks is another term for the lamb ribs. Saslove's has several options for lamb racks.

Lamb legs cuber are our second option for lamb stewing cubes. This variety is cut from lamb leg. Lamb leg is leaner than lamb shoulder, but nonetheless, still an excellent choice for stewing.

These cubes are cut from our premium Alberta lamb.

Cut from the loin, these little chops are easy to season, and delicious whether you bake them in the oven or, grill them. We recommend serving two per person. 

Lamb leg has a medium tenderness, and contains a bit of fat, making it a great choice for roasting. This version is boneless.