Saslove's Wagyu beef can be found primarily at the Wellington Street location. Saslove's purchases its Wagyu from Paradise Farms, which is located in Caledon, Ontario.

We use our whole beef tenderloins to cut filet mignon. However, when left whole, beef tenderloin is a lean and tender roast. Available trimmed, or untrimmed. 

Rib steaks are best barbecued, grilled, or panfried. These steaks are highly marbled giving the meat a rich flavour.


Beef Tenderloin, when cut into steaks is called Filet Mignon.  They are best grilled or pan-fried.

Like the beef shortribs they are cut from, this tougher cut is better when marinated.

Our meaty beef ribs are tender, and have more meat than other types of ribs. Feel free to cook these ribs, marinated or unmarinated, either on the barbeque or, in the oven. 

Saslove's offers half beef tenderloins for those moments when a whole would be too much. These half pieces are equally as tender and lean as our whole beef tender loins.

Brisket is a tough cut of beef, left with the fat cap on.

Boneless Blade Roasts are also known as Boneless Chuck Pot Roasts. These roasts are extremely underrated, but if cooked properly as a pot roast, are very flavourful and juicy. 

Oxtail is a fattier and tougher cut of meat. Perpare oxtail in a slow cooker, or in the oven for an extended period of time.

Traditionally used in German cooking, Rouladen is produced by cutting inside round paper thin. 

Saslove's stewing beef is lean and cut from the hip. We also provide a fattier cut of stewing beef, made from the blade, if requested. 

Sirloin Roasts are lean and moderately tender; an excellent cut when dry and oven roasted. 

We cut these strips from our top sirloin. Sirloin stirfry strips are delicious when marinated and fried with your favourite vegetables. 

The second variation of fondue, fondue cubes, is cut from top sirloin. The Saslove's staff members also cut top sirloin into cubes for kabobs.

Saslove's boneless short ribs are the same quality as their bone-in counterparts, and still ideal for all your favourite comfort foods. 

Short Ribs are a braising cut, perfect for pulled beef tacos, or your favourite winter comfort food. 

Offered in 500ml containers, Saslove's beef broth is made by boiling beef marrow bones with basic spices and vegetables. 

Our beef marrow bones come pre-cut and frozen. They are great for roasting, making stock, or giving to your canine friend as a tasty treat. 

Our Lean Ground Beef is ground fresh daily, and is perfect for burgers and meatloafs.

Our Medium Ground Beef is ground fresh daily, and has a slightly higher fat content than our Lean Ground Beef for those who prefer a bit more fat in their meats.

A boneless version of our rib steaks, which are best barbecued, grilled, or panfried. These steaks are highly marbled giving the meat a rich flavour.

A tougher cut of beef, which if cooked properly and cut against the grain, is a delicious piece of meat. 

The hanger steak is a lesser know cut, but one that is prized for its flavour.

One of Saslove's most popular marinated products. We marinate our hanger steaks in a combination of soy sauce, pepper, white vinegar, garlic, ketchup, and oil.

New York Steaks are much leaner than our Rib Steaks, but equally as tender. These steaks are best when panfried, grilled, or barbecued. 

Pepper steaks are available with an advance order.  

One of two fondue variations that Saslove's offers. Chinese beef fondue is produced by thinly slicing eye of round. 

The Porterhouse steak is a T Bone steak cut from the sirloin end of the loin.  It has the highest proportion of tenderloin (filet mignon) of the T Bone cuts.

Known at Saslove's at The King of the Roasts, Prime Rib Roast is best cooked with the bone for maximum flavour in dry heat, with the fat side up.

Prime Grade Beef is a grade of beef with a higher marbling than conventional beef.  Less than 2% of beef normally grades as Prime.

A boneless version of our bone-in Prime Rib Roasts that are equally as marbelled, tender, and delicious. 

Sirloin is boneless and moderately tender cut, making it ideal for kabobs and stirfries. 

Skirt steak is a long, thin, and flat piece of beef. It is perfect when marinated and cut against the grain, making it great for fajitas. 

Comprised of a combination of striploin and beef tenderloin, these bone-in steaks are best when grilled.