Ready to Grill

London broils are a customer favourite at Saslove's Byward Market location.

Chicken souvlaki are prepared and sold at Saslove's Bywards Market location.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are skewers comprised of three bacon wrapped duck bundles.

Marinated hanger steaks are available at both locations. These steaks are prepared by marinating trimmed hanger steaks in oil, soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar, pepper, and garlic. 

The staff at Saslove's Byward Market location marinate beef cubes with a combination of chipotle spice, oil, and water.

Chicken cubes marinated in a combination of hoisen sauce, oil, brown sugar, sesame seeds, ginger, and lime juice.

Medditerranean Herb and Spice chicken breasts are a mild, yet flavourful choice, for the customers of Saslove`s Byward Market location. 

At the Saslove`s Byward Market store, we cut our pork sirloins into steaks, and then, marinate them in a Gyros marinade.

Coffee and Black Pepper marinade and beef are a match made in heaven.

These pork chops are a staff and customer favourite. Our supplier description reads ``The sweetness od Mango is the first sensation your tastebuds will experience.

These marinated chicken breasts are available at Saslove`s Byward Market location. From this marinade, one can expect flavours of coconut, onion, leek, and bell pepper. 

Tangy Lemon pork tenderloins are exclusive to Saslove`s Byward Market location. As the name suggests, citrus is the dominant flavour in this marinade.  

If you love the taste of all dressed chips, we have no doubts that you will be a fan of our marinated pork ribs.

The Bombay Cornish Hens are available at Saslove`s Byward Market location.

The Alabama marinated half chicken is avaliable at the Saslove's Byward Market location. The Alabama marinade, with notes of chicken and gravy, is rubbed on a half chicken.